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Children Just Like Me


Anabel Kindersley - Author
Barnabas Kindersley - Author

Book: Hardcover | 246 x 314mm | 80 pages | ISBN 9780789402011 | 21 Aug 2007 | Dorling Kindersley | 0 - 17 years
Children Just Like Me is a celebration of children around the world, published to coincide with UNICEF's 50th anniversary. For the past two years, a photographer and teacher have traveled to five continents to meet and talk to children from many different walks of like. Children will enjoy reading about the dreams and beliefs, hopes and fears, and day-to-day events of other children's lives, understanding not just the obvious differences between one another, but discovering the extraordinary similarities. Children are encouraged to participate in a special pen pal arrangement, so that they may share their own experiences with children in other countries. 


I really like the concept of this book. I love that it talks about individual kids and their families and cultures. I also love the way everything is presented - with bright colourful pictures and with kid-friendly language. 

All three of my kids enjoyed looking at the pictures and reading about the different kids... but my boys had a couple complaints. 

1. the only child they showed from Canada was Inuit. Both boys pointed out that lots of us Canadians don't live in the far North. My oldest said "now everyone will think all Canadians are Inuit and that we all live in the snow all the time". 

2. the clothing on the kids from the USA was all really outdated. My boys actually thought the kids were dressed up in costumes or something. They also pointed out that the book had way more kids from the USA than from Canada or any other country in it. 

So overall the book is a fabulous idea but could definitely use some updating. 

Thanks so much to DK Canada for sending me a copy of this book to review.

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Petula said...

Great review. I like how you included the kids appointments.

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