Monday, November 29, 2010

Gift Idea: Dead Head by Rosemary Harris

Books make a fabulous Christmas gift or stocking stuffer! 

Dead Head 
Third in the Dirty Business Mystery Series
by Rosemary Harris

The talented Rosemary Harris continues to pick up steam, garner acclaim, and collect fans with her quirky, beloved Dirty Business Mystery series

Fugitive Mom. That’s the tabloid headline that rocks Springfield, Connecticut when one of the town’s favorite ladies is discovered to be an escaped convict. With a little help from the always game Lucy Cavanaugh, Paula is hired to find out which of her neighbors is a fugitive from the law and why the long-kept secret has finally come out.

Watch the book trailer:


I have really enjoyed reading The Dirty Business Mystery series. Dead Head has a great storyline and held my interest the whole way through. I think you could get away with reading Dead Head even if you haven't read the first two books in the series but knowing the background certainly enhances the story. I love the characters in this series. Rosemary Harris has created a fascinating and entertaining cast! They are the type of characters that would make an excellent movie or TV series too.

I hope that there will be more books in this series :).

You can read my reviews of the first two books in this series as well:

Pushing Up Daisies
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Thanks so much to Rosemary Harris for sending me a copy of her fabulous book to review!

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Rosemary Harris said...

Thanks for the kind words - so glad you enjoyed the book! I have (literally) just finished the fourth book in the series and will be sending it off to the publisher tomorrow. It's called Slugfest and it will be out next spring.
Happy holidays!

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