Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New World Kids

New World Kids: The Parents' Guide to Creative Thinking

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It is now impossible to imagine what children s career choices will be by the time they are grown. The scale of change, largely driven by technology, is unprecedented in human history. It is the change itself, this re-ordering, this inventing the new world, that will occupy our children s future.

We are entering a time that will call for dedicated innovation across the board. This call will echo throughout all fields; in fact it has already started. The child s counterpart to innovation is creative thinking and creativity is the next literacy.

New World Kids is a comprehensive guide to creative thinking for parents, teachers and caregivers. It is the result of decades of applied research with children examining creativity, media, cognition, play and individuality.

New World Kids contains:
-208 easy-to-read full-color pages, beautifully illustrated and filled with pragmatic ways to understand, acknowledge and support your child s individual strengths
-a map of creativity based on more than half a century of theory-to-practice in education, the arts and cognitive research that deconstructs and makes accessible this very big subject
-a step-by-step guide for parents to mentor their children through the idea-to-form process using everyday occasions and materials
-more than 200 investigative activities for parents and children to do alone and together to help you uncover and exercise unique perspectives and talents
-real life examples that help you connect the dots from child s play to innovation, mastery and success in the grown-up worlds of business and technology, art and science.

New World Kids is a fabulous book. I LOVE how it encourages parents to really get to know their kids and the way they think and learn and live and what makes them unique. The book itself is just plain lovely to look at- it has tons of amazing photos and bright colours and eye-catching fonts etc.. I found it very easy to read. The activities are fascinating and relatively easy for any parent to do. I really think this book contains some fabulous information and things that all parents could benefit from!

There is also a New World Kids At School book specific for teachers that looks amazing too.

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