Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Dangerous Days of Daniel X

I was lucky enough to be given a copy of The Dangerous Days of Daniel X by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge to review. I LOVED it!

Here is some of the information I received with the book:

Did you know?

-Significantly more boys than girls declare themselves "nonreaders"

-Boys value reading as an activity LESS than girls do

-Boys read less fiction than girls

-Boys are more inclined to read graphic novels and comic books

-Boys have much less interest in leisure reading

A recent study conducted by the Young Adult Library Services Association says that the #1 reason boys don't like to read is that they simply think "it's boring." They also "like other activities better" and "can't get in t0 the stories".

James Patterson, father of a 10-year-old son, has been advocating for years that the best ways to get people excited about reading is to give them books they're going to love.

Well, I for one think he has done an excellent job with Daniel X.

You can find a New York Times interview with James Patterson HERE and a video interview HERE.

You can find the official Daniel X website HERE.

I LOVE reading and I dearly hope my children do too. I think this is a book my sons will thoroughly enjoy in a few years. If you would like to read an excerpt from The Dangerous Days of Daniel X you can go HERE.

This is a great book for ANY age (I AM a 32 year old female and I enjoyed it!). Please take a minute and check it out.

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